Quick Start - Deploy a Model

Deploy an image classification model with Pallet and start making predictions in just 5 minutes.

1. Get Pallet

Install Pallet from the Play Store (or Scan the QR Code) and Sign Up to create an account.

2. Choose a Model

Download MobileNet below and Unzip the model assets to your computer. (Or create your own model)

These assets include a TensorFlow Lite image classification model & labels. MobileNet is one of Google's state of the art vision models that can recognize 1,000 different objects. See more pre-built models

3. Deploy the Model

Log In to the web console (app.palletml.com) and Create a New Project.

Browse or Drag & Drop the model assets and click Upload.

4. Start Making Predictions

Go to your Profile 👤in the Pallet app and pull to refresh to see your new Project.

Open the Project and Launch your app. (Skip the Tune Settings dialog by tapping Launch again)

You can immediately start classifying images by taking a picture with your camera, selecting a photo stored on your device, submitting link to an image, or going real-time.

🎉Congratulations on deploying a model with Pallet! Your app is infinitely scalable, easily upgradable, and ready to be shared with the world.

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