Download Pre-Built Models

Want to try Pallet but don't have a model handy? Download one of these pre-built models to get started now 👇

Image Classification Models

Each download is zip file containing a TensorFlow Lite Model + Labels pair. When the download completes, unzip the model assets to your computer. Then you can easily deploy them.

Developed by Google, this model can classify 1,000 different objects - from umbrellas to volcanoes!

This model classifies daisies, dandelions, roses, sunflowers, and tulips.

This model can distinguish between 120 different dog breeds.

This model can tell if you're throwing Rock, Paper, or Scissors from the classic game.

It was trained on 3D generated images instead of photographs, so for best results, take a picture of your hand in Rock, Paper, or Scissors formation over a clear plain surface.

Deploy Your Model

Now that you have model assets prepared, head back over to the tutorial to turn your model into a shareable image classification app:

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