Deploy a Model

All you need is a TensorFlow Lite model trained for image classification and corresponding list of labels.

If you don't have these assets ready. Use one of our example models to get started quickly.

Deploy Your Model With Pallet

and Sign Up to create a new account

2. In your computer browser, visit in a new tab and Log In to the account you just created.

3. Every model you deploy with Pallet belongs to a Project. Create a New Project for your model.

4. Choose a name for your project and click Create.

5. Browse or Drag & Drop the model assets that you prepared earlier, then click Upload.

7. Tap your Project to open a detailed view.

With Pallet, classification models for photos work out of the box, so you don't need to tune any settings for this project right now. For other types of models, see the appropriate guide.

You can immediately start classifying photos by taking a picture with your camera, selecting a picture stored on your device, or submitting a link to an image.

By deploying with Pallet, your model is infinitely scalable, easily upgradable, and ready to be shared with the world.

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